Selling Lacoste shirts on eBay

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6 Jun 07 01:45:22 am
If any of you have sold lacoste shirts on ebay you probably know that you get suspended like every day. Is there any way to beat this? I am sick of it and i either need to find a new site or a way to beat it! any ideas? Thanks guys!

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11 Jun 07 07:56:56 pm
Are you a new seller? Whats your feedback on eBay?

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13 Jun 07 02:48:18 am
Hey Tom, One thing that I do when selling designer goods, is I put a close up photo of my receipt for the item in the description. If the shirts are legit, the sales receipt will show that and ebay will normally leave it alone.

One bad thing about listings on ebay is that any one looking at the listing can hit the 'report' button at the bottom of all auctions and ebay will pull that listing. They kinda have a 'shoot first-ask questions later' method.
If they have a 'vero' complaint about your listing, they will normally pull it no questions asked. If someone hits the 'report button', the ebay staff will look at the listing and make a decision, based on what they see.
A 'dirty trick' that some greedy sellers use to help 'limit' the competition is to just hit the report button to get the listing pulled. New and low feedback sellers are normally targeted.
Just be very careful because ebay will suspend you for 7 day normally the first time, if they have to pull your listings, then the next time might be 30 days,, but the third time could be indefinate.
You might also want to contact ebay and provide them with proof of authentic merchdise, suchs as receipts, that prove you have legit shirts and also of your intent to list them. It's a bit of a hassel, but once you do that, they normally won't mess with you..
hope this helps..gulfy13

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14 Jun 07 06:39:56 pm
There are a few things you should have to not get susspended:
1.100 positive feedback
2.your feedback does not come from 0.99$ ebook auctions
3.should not be a new user
4.If your items are replica or you don't have the paper works,in your listings don't say the items are 'authentic'.Just give the buyer the description of the item.(If your feedback is under 100)
5.Do not list more than 10 items.(if your feedback is under 100)

One of my friends works at ebay.I got all te information from him.I hope they are helpful


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