Selling MP4 players

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7 May 07 12:14:50 am
i do not understand these mp4 players
i have bought about 100 all together now. when i take them to flea markets they sell like hotcakes but on ebay they are difficult to make a profit off of.
i dont get it they are cheaper then the real ones and they are capable of far more. plus you do not need itunes to put music and movies on them so why dont people get these instead?

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7 May 07 01:06:53 am
Just like any other thing people perfer the 'REAL' even though these are not fake they are non brand people see these are FAKES.
That is my opinion I was wondering if I should buy some to take to the fleamarket see if they will sell

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7 May 07 02:55:46 am
Competition is a big factor too. At the flea markets, you are probably the only one selling a portable audio device, whereas on eBay, buyers can choose between non-brand MP4s or the big brand names. Unfortunately for you, brand names have the cool factor - at this stage anyway.

I suggest continuing to sell offline at flea markets, you should also try listing in free newspapers too.
If you want to sell online, try placing classified ads on Craigs list, or best of all, developing your own website. Your own website will mean you aren't easily comparable to competition, and you can be fully in control of marketing your MP4s as a cheaper with excellent functionality etc.


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7 May 07 05:26:09 am
Also you have to consider the fact that people goto flea markets to save big bucks. They dont have ebay handy when thier out shopping to compare prices versus the label. When they see you selling a player that they know retail is on average 280+ dollars. And your selling a similar item alot cheaper, they will impulse buy and buy from you.

Theres also the nag factor. How many of them have teenagers with them bugging them for one :D

I also work in the public view. I very rarely see a teenager without an Ipod attatched to thier heads lol

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