Selling on eBay - What's the best approach?

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28 Aug 11 05:21:37 pm
Where do I start I want to sell on Ebay

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28 Aug 11 09:10:17 pm
Hi djr,

Firstly, welcome to SaleHoo. Nice to have you on board!

We always suggest, as does eBay itself, that new sellers start off by selling off some unused items from around the home. Let's face it, we have stuff sitting around the home that just doesn't get that much use or any at all anymore.

That's a perfect starting point right there. No outlay in buying in stock to sell, it gives you a chance to put some money in your pocket that can be used for further stock if you wish, but an often over looked advantage is the helpful research data that you can get from it.

So for example, you sell of some clothes, some ski gear, maybe some exercise equipment and some old trinkets. You may well find that some of those items get a lot more attention for buyers than others, and depending on the level of interest in your products, you can get an idea on what might be good to try and sell further when it comes time to start looking for suppliers.

I suggest you spend a lot of time reading through our education centre and our forum here, it's full of helpful tips and advice, not just from our staff, but from very experienced members who are happy to share their advice with new sellers!


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29 Aug 11 02:19:28 am
Glad to have you here with us djr4421, welcome!

Marc's right! the best and easiest way to test the market be it on eBay or other auction sites is buy selling things around your home. This is also a great way to work on your feedback - we all know how vital a good feedback score is especially on eBay. Plus you get to practice your selling skils like taking photos and writing effective product descriptions/titles.

Another tip I learned from Frank is you can start by buying a few second hand items on eBay those that are under priced and resell them for a profit :)

Also, the blog posts will serve quite helpful. And I suggest watching the videos in our latest newsletter series.

All the best!


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