Something rather than Terapeak...Guidance Needed

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4 Mar 14 07:52:25 pm

I have been trying to start dropshipping ever since November last year.

I have not yet succeeded...Many suppliers/wholesale dropshippers ask for a monthly fee/annual fee to pay and I have paid alot of monthly fee/yearly fee and have quite abit of access to quite abit of dropshipping websites.

However, I have not yet found the perfect supplier who I know I will make good money with as I do not know what to sell yet..or else the products would just not give me enough profit.

Can anyone suggest something cheaper than Terapeak in order for me to get a glimpse of what is selling on Ebay and Amazon please?

I am not planning on making alot of cash but something extra you know?

Would appreciate some help and guidance

Thanks in advance

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4 Mar 14 08:54:27 pm
Hi Alex,

My suggestion would be to use our Market Research Lab, freely available to full members Link hidden: Login to view

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4 Mar 14 11:12:28 pm
Hello Alex - You post does not specifically call out which category of products you are looking to sell. So my advisory would be a little generic.

You mentioned you were planning to sell on Ebay. If this is the case, why not use ebay for your research along side the salehoo labs. Both come free for members. In ebay, got type a product you are looking for in the search function. Once you see a whole bunch of "best match" results showing, there might be a few key things you may wish to note -

a) All listings, Auction, Buy it now (These are right above the actual listings) - These would show you the live listing that best match your search description under each parameter above

b) Step 2 - Look at the different panels and options available on the left side menu bar on your page. Depending on where you intend to sell, you could possibly only, listed on, US only and so on. I sell in the US. So I would click US only.

c) There would be other product and shipping options to pick from. Select as appropriate.

d) The most of all - You would see a radio button / check box for Sold Listings. Click on this. Assuming you selected US in step B above and selected Sold Listings in this step, the result should show you all listings sold for the particular category you were searching. This should give you a fair idea of what to sell and at what rate under the specified category and should help in your basic research.

e) Go to ebay tutorials and review the different guides available. There would be a few guides that might advise you specifically on what sells in which season and might help you to align your sourcing decisions accordingly.

Not sure if this helps. Sure hope it does, given the time I invested in typing this response :)

Good luck and God Bless. Do feel free to ask any questions you have. My knowledge is free to share.

Bharath Balakrishnan
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