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SpoonerBoards - potentially big thing in '12

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17 Jan 12 08:48:16 pm
I saw Link hidden: Login to view over Christmas vacation, and bought two of them to play around with. They are amazingly fun, if a little challenging. It's still a new enough product that it isn't even making a blip on Google Trends, WordTracker is only showing a few hundred searches per month for the term, and there are almost no listings on eBay for them (and only ~60 on Amazon.)

The company wholesales them directly for $20-30 each, depending on volume and other factors. I ended up taking ours to my kid's elementary school, where the gym teacher bounced and spun and pounded on it to see if he could break it (or one of his legs) and it is very durable. Kids seem to pick up on it pretty quickly -- it's like an old Sit 'N' Spin without the handle in the middle, that you can also stand on and do tricks if you're co-ordinated enough (I am not co-ordinated enough. Ouch.)

Just thought it was worth sharing. Something about the board, the way the kids to whom we've shown them reacted, the price point and the very cool videos they have on their site just makes me think this could be a phenomenon product for this year.


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18 Jan 12 01:36:07 am
Thanks for sharing this with us Frank! The spooner board does look like a lot of fun :)

Will be watching this more...



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