Sporting and Event Tickets - Obtaining them for resale?

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30 Dec 06 08:48:30 pm
Hi I'm wondering where sporting event tickets or concert tickets things of that nature are obtained for re-sale, and if there is a profit to be made selling them. thanks Pam

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1 Jan 07 03:25:33 am
eBay is cracking down HARD on people who sell tickets (at least certainly is). You didn't even need to get them at a discount to be able to make money reselling them on eBay (people would bid these things to ridiculous amounts).

I doubt anyone will be able to sell tickets on eBay for too long without getting stopped (and rightly so).

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1 Jan 07 05:21:22 am
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11 Jan 07 01:49:43 am
The best thing to do is to buy them at when they initially go on sale. You can get them at actual face value.

Other ticket sites like stubhub, ticketsnow, etc. jack up the prices and have high broker fees.

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24 Jan 07 08:21:41 pm
I used to work for a ticket company (a junior version of TicketMaster) and it is legal in my state to resell theatre/concert tickets at a higher price than you bought them (AKA 'scalping') but not for sporting events. You should check with your state and local laws before getting into this. The secret that these people had? They had a 'VIP' membership to the local theatre (local being a huge theatre, all the big shows came through) and could get very good seats to sold-out shows, then would resell them. The main person doing this shot themselves in the foot, because he put a scanned copy of his ticket on the auction, so we could track him down by the seat/row/night. :P


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