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Sporting Goods Wholesaler/Dropshipper

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10 Mar 07 02:26:40 am
Does anyone know of any great sporting goods wholesalers/ dropshippers????

Im looking for someone who has a great variety of products from all sporting areanas.

If you can help me, that will be great.

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10 Mar 07 02:43:14 am
I've been looking for a golf wholesaler and have had no luck at all. Most seem to be retail prices that I've found. If you have not already checked salehoo.

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Watch out for fakes at Link hidden: Login to view.

Wish I could be more help. Good Luck

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10 Mar 07 03:14:40 am
Hey haus1028

Yeah ive looked into golf products also & i too hit a dead end.
I actually contacted all the major brands (callaway, titlelist, ping etc..) and spoke with the national sales guys & reps to find out how i go about setting up an account. They told me they don't set up accounts with online retailers and that its actually in the account holders agreement that they are not allowed to sell online. They told me you need to have a proper bricks & mortor business. This was in Australia though. Amaerica works slightly different. Over there you can be whats referred to as a registered online retailer but the thing is you also need to have a bricks & mortor shop also.
I find it very strange but as the reps told me, its focus is on selling quality & keeping the brand solid rather than selling quantity. They said if there job was to sell quantity then yes they would set up accounts with anyone.
Im just sitting here wondering how the sellers on ebay are getting there top name golfing products. Im thinking are they genuine??? Im not sure? I was also told that with alot of the top name brand golf products, like titleist & ping have a special code which you can to see which account holder it has come from & if they find out that an account holder has been selling to online merchants or through an online store then they can loose their account.

So there you have it, I still think there is another way around this but am yet to discover it. Im wondering if anyone else out there has more information or ideas regarding obtaining genuine golf products.



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