Starting business - any good electronics suppliers out there

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27 Dec 07 07:35:06 am
Ok, i searched a lot, now i don't have that much money to start my business (less then $2k, schools are really getting costly), and i am really looking to get into selling electronics in the US, and i am really looking for Wii, PS3 (for US), Plasma TV, Projecoters etc. no i looked a lot here (or may be i just couldn't do nice search) so please someone give me some Idea or some wholesaler from whom i can find stuff to sell on Ebay. (yes, i looked a lot here and after looking most of the website and comparing their prices with final selling price on ebay is really no profit.) now electornics are my first choise but i don't want to get stuck with it so please help me to start my business.

If you are resale wholesare please email me with that too i'll be happy to look into your prices too.

my email adress is Link hidden: Login to view

Thank You.

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27 Dec 07 11:01:06 am
If you are considering selling electronics on eBay don't count on much profit. There is too much competition. We use a good dropshipper for electronics and to stay competitive over the holidays we only made around $5 to $10 profit per item sold. We sold a case of 36 knives and made a profit of $40! I would suggest finding something to sell that is unique and doesn't have a thousand other people selling the same item.

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12 Feb 08 11:01:13 pm
A good electronics supplier is Link hidden: Login to view

Salehoo have used them personally many times. They have found them to be a reliable supplier which have genuine products.

Good luck with your search :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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13 Feb 08 01:05:17 am
Before you jump into trying to sell on ebay please read my guides below as they will help you a little in making a decision on what you should and should not try and sell.

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Link hidden: Login to view

With the most recent changes to ebay starting here real soon. It will be close to impossible for a new member to even attemp to do dropshipping. It may be in your best interest to consider buying into liquidations or even starting your own website and selling items at cost, using ebay to push buyers to your website.

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