Starting out selling name brand clothing, watches, etc...

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21 Aug 07 05:48:17 am
This market looks like it may have room for some decent profits despite it being a little saturated. Am I wrong in this observation?

I'm worried about how to go about distinguishing authentic products from fakes. Do I need to be an expert in this field or is it generally fairly easy to decipher the two? Which is a better market, genuine or fake?

Also, where do people find are the best places to sell this product? (eBay, craigslist, flea market, etc.)

A few suppliers would be nice as well. (I understand people don't want to give away their sources but possibly some ones that are more well known.)

Thanks for any help!


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21 Aug 07 02:38:18 pm
Actually it can be tough to distinguish fakes from legitimate product. The best way is to purchase clothing from liquidation sources.

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27 Aug 07 09:23:39 am
Im just starting out selling designer goods and lingerie.I originally wanted to sell watches and electronics but its very hard to be competitive unless your buying huge volumes.I spent 9mths researching this market place.Beware of buying from China,probably 85% stuff from there is fake!! ive been done and i think most people have even with samples.

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27 Aug 07 02:39:15 pm
yes alot of products from china are fakes ,this is common knowledge here. But you should consider buying unbranded electronics as they can be aquired very cheap and sell well on ebay.

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29 Aug 07 08:00:34 am
Regardless of where you buy it from whether its China or the USA, it could still be a knock off.

And even if its NOT a knock-off and its totally legitimate, you could still get in trouble.

I mean that SINCERELY especially with home items. If it has a brand name to it at all, for now you may wish to stay away from it.

If you can not buy the product directly from their store, the business who owns the trademark will come down hard on you.

They are cracking down on people all over. If you have the original certificates or anything, its still problematic.

Your best bet is to avoid brands possibly until the crackdown subsides. You can find excellent UNBRANDED products all over, in China, and in the USA. Sell those instead.

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28 Sep 10 07:44:49 pm
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