Stolen iPhones?

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5 Mar 08 08:37:34 am
i found someone who is willing to sell me lots of iphone for a very cheap price, But the iphones he is selling seem that he has stolen them, Do you guys think it would be a good idea for me to buy the iphones from him? ,I live outside of the US by the way

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13 Mar 08 11:17:34 am
I would definately say no. If you think their stolen Go with your first instinct and avoid this person.

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2 May 08 06:14:51 pm
Then again... stolen means cheap... so why not? :P

JK.... Soon as 1 customer catches wind of the items being stolen you will jeopardize your public image. Sometimes this is the most important selling feature of an organization.

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3 May 08 11:21:42 am
Sometimes this is the most important selling feature of an organization.

Actually its nearly the ENTIRE face of a public organization. I don't have bazillions of dollars, experience, or wherewithall to have sold to 10,000 people or so like my competitors do.

So I offer one thing to set me apart from the whole pack of them, that is first class service. I customize the dealing with that person to their situation and issues, so beyond anything else, I get more and more buyer feedback increasing which goes hand in hand with profit.

The most important thing about any marketing effort is image. What image are you portraying if you bought stolen items? Definitely not a very cool one. And so by being thorough and conscientious about what you're doing and selling, you can automatically increase your reputation. Giving you something others don't have. Even the largest wholesalers who sell all their items on eBay, uBid, craiglist & anywhere else- Don't have a really stellar reputation at all.

So I work really hard to do one thing, match a good experience and get back positive response by offering assistance.


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