Struggling with SaleHoo Labs
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18 May 17 10:34:09 am
Hi all,

I have been selling on eBay and other online outlets in my spare time for close to 20 years, mainly used goods. A couple months ago I decided I want to devote more time to it and actually make it a legitimate business selling new items through dropshipping primarily. I came across SaleHoo, and this site has very helpful putting me in contact with a few great suppliers that I use for electronics and collectibles. But I'm having a bit of trouble with the Labs.

It seems to me that the Labs are pretty decent at giving me ideas of what to sell, but when it comes to linking me to suppliers of those products it falls way short. 9 times out of 10 the suggested suppliers for a product either don't carry the product, or are in a completely different industry all together. For example, I am looking for a good TRUE whosaler/dropshipper of Pet Products. In the Labs I found a cool mobile pet bath that I think would sell well with low competition, but none of the suppliers listed had the product. In fact, one of the suppliers was a shoe store!

Anyone else finding the Labs difficult to use to find legit suppliers for the products suggested? Can anyone suggest any supplier of Pet Products that are only B2B and sell at TRUE wholesale prices?
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18 May 17 10:36:49 am
I should also add that I have a Tax ID and a Reseller License, so I prefer to work with suppliers that require them. Thanks.

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18 May 17 04:33:08 pm
Hi there,

Thanks for your email. The Market Research Lab is designed to give you ideas on the top selling items right now on eBay, Amazon, and other third party websites. However, be advised that NOT ALL of the products in the Lab can be found in the directory or are carried by our suppliers. The suppliers' link button on every product directs you to potential suppliers that MIGHT carry it, as they have known to carry that brand or similar product, not necessarily the exact model/ unit.

As far as wholesale prices go, wholesale prices are based on volume, so you will have to contact wholesale suppliers direct to discuss per unit prices based on your purchasing volume.

For pet products- visit the page below for a compilation of some of the pet suppliers we have:


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18 May 17 06:07:10 pm
I found the same problem. No matter what I looked at, there was not a supplier that had the product.

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19 May 17 12:43:07 am
Please refer to Shane's post directly above explaining how the lab works.

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