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Supplier with competitive prices than DHgate/Alibaba

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26 Jan 13 08:52:48 am
Here comes to the end for searching the most reliable and the cheapest supplier.

I have been selling on eBay for about 3 years now, operating more than 100 accounts every month. Well, I didn't want to operate that many accounts but thanks to eBay's stupid selling limits and category limit I had to open as many as account I can to compete with the ''big boys'' on eBay.

I basically sell everything, but most of them were veRO, which was also the reason why all my PayPal accounts were shut down a month ago however eBay accounts are still fine. That being said, PayPal clearly has more advanced tracking system than eBay. By the way, Amazon has the most advanced tracking system compared to other online market channel. I can also help you to get back to eBay within one hour and step by step explain all the details of how eBay's tracking system works and its bots (mc999 if you know what I am talking about).

DHgate and Alibaba is not the solution for your business, their price is too high. How do I know? You have to be Chinese to know all the secrets behind it. Yes, I am Chinese.

I am here to provide the service that you will need to be successful on eBay. ''Better price'' is all you need to compete with those big sells on eBay.

I have all kinds of connection, anything from legit to knocks off. I will try my best to help you out.

my email:
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27 Jan 13 11:32:11 pm

As a seller who uses a lot of Chinese suppliers, I have always believed in if you were on the inside you would be able to get far better deals, than dealing with them via the internet and not personally and yes being Chinese would be great asset, yes so would be very interested in what you have to offer.


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8 Feb 13 10:32:52 am
I don't agree you need to be Chinese to get better price, No way!

You get better price by researching and knowing your product.

milo1218, you send me a email that you can supply me cheaper prices than my agent in China so let us look at the business here

Ok, if you think you can supply me cheaper, provide me the price on the following items

1- Dream Catcher Dangle Rings

2- Cloth Nappies

3 - iPhone Flip Leather Covers

I think just these basic 3 things will do for me to start with.

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