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Suppliers for Australians

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8 Aug 06 09:02:51 am
I have looked at a lot of suppliers on Salehoo, on a whole range of different products. However, I cant find one that is worth purchasing from. I live in Australia and everywhere I look the product is already being sold on eBay for a lot cheaper then what I can get them for. Also places like dhgate.com the shipping cost is huge...
Anyone from Australia who has some good suppliers they can share?

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8 Aug 06 11:17:13 am
I've been searching for suppliers (of electronic goods and one or two other goods) for a few weeks now. I joined Salehoo last week.
It is possible to find Aussie suppliers. The few I have come accross ask for your details as well as an ABN. Take this into consideration if you are looking for products to sell for some profit, or if you want to start a business.
What in particular are you looking for by the way?

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8 Aug 06 01:54:59 pm
What sort of products are you after?? I can provide you with a range of items at wholesale prices.

Just let me know what your interested in

I am located in Sydney

Talk soon

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15 Aug 06 09:40:40 am
branded stuff basicly
clothes, handbags, sunnies all that stuff

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15 Sep 08 04:01:57 am
Do a search for a product (if you have a specific one that you want to sell) or a search for 'a' (if you are still undecided on what to sell) in the Salehoo directory here...
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A list of all suppliers will then be displayed and you can now sort them by country using the drop down menu on the right.

I hope this helps and good luck on finding a worthwhile supplier in Aussie.


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