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13 Jun 16 06:40:41 pm
Hi all,

Iv'e recently joined SaleHoo (So hoping it's not a scam) haha as a programmer for many years, I can honestly say the system and platform looks very original/authentic - time will tell.

So forgive me for my ignorance but whilst using the market research lab tool I cannot seem to figure out how to filter by UK products.

Any help greatly appreciated?

As everyone else I'm looking to make a few extra pennies and pass over the business to my partner so she can give up full time employment and spend a bit more time with our kids.

Having said that I've already set her up with one small business - reviewing/blogging and currently making around £400 a month - which is not enough to give up full time employment.

Again, Thank you for your time!

Looking forward to hearing from the community.



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13 Jun 16 08:49:04 pm
Hi Terry and welcome to the forum,

First off, I can assure you that SaleHoo is quite legit. Over 60,000 members can't be wrong lol, so no scams here. In fact we spend a lot of time helping members aviod scames.

In regards to your products, what type of products are you looking for and do they need to come from a UK supplier or will suppliers that ship to the UK be good enough?

Mark (fudjj)

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14 Jun 16 06:39:34 pm
Hi Terry,

Unfortunately, the ability to check data from other eBay sites like Australia and the UK is not supported at this stage.

In saying that, the data for the SaleHoo Lab comes from multiple online sources where popular or in-demand products are posted, so you should still be able to use the Lab to help you find profitable product leads.

All the best!

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21 Jun 16 08:28:57 am
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