Suppliers from Australia Wanted

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5 Jun 08 02:21:40 am
hey everyone i just joined the other day because i'm lookin into makin a second income. but its hard to find good suppliers in australia that i can make a profit off. can anyone help me out wit good suppliers in australia or good websites that will let me import it in that i can make profit off.

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17 Feb 09 12:53:26 am
Hi there,

What items are you looking to sell? We have many suppliers from Australia. If you would like to browse the kind of products they are offering do a search for 'a' here... "Link hidden: Login to view Then sort the results by country (top right corner) for Australia.

Anyway, let us know what you are interested in and we can recommend some suppliers.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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5 Mar 09 09:15:16 am
If you see this comment in a user’s post:

*******DELETED BY ADMIN*******

It means the user is not a registered seller for Link hidden: Login to view
Be advised it is not recommended that you contact this person until they have registered with Link hidden: Login to view as a Seller and have been cleared to sell to SaleHoo members.

This is for your protection. It is easy for a scammer to get a membership and scam members out of thousands of dollars before admin can catch them. We don’t recommend purchasing product from this or any other person offering items for sale on the forum until they have been cleared by SaleHoo.

When they have been cleared they will have the title

*****Registered Seller ***** under their username.

Sellers can register with SaleHoo for free by visiting this link and filling in an application form.


If you continue to post items for sale without SaleHoo approval your posts will be deleted and your account may be shut down.

Note that this warning is just a security precaution. It doesn’t mean this member is necessarily a scammer.




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