Suppliers of iPods, Video Games, Consoles, Laptops

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13 Dec 06 09:38:38 pm
Hello everyone,

I am new to Salehoo. I am looking for some suppliers for iPods, Video Games, Video Game Systems and Laptops. I am searching now for 2months without finding any good prices. I mean people can get better prices if they buy on ebay. Also the cheapest iPods I could find was at Amazon. If someone can help me out I would appreciate.

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13 Dec 06 11:54:24 pm
Electronics are a hard item to locate and sell. It takes large orders to secure good prices. I mean like ordering ipods by several cases. An example would be nintendo requires me to buy 200,000 us dollars worth of items a month in order to be a distributor of there products. Lets say I don't do business with them. lol . too rich for me. So in my opinion it is really hard to find good electronic suppliers. When people do find them they don't give out there info. Keep looking and be careful in that field.

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19 Dec 06 12:36:34 am
I just clicked on that site, claims they sell playstation3 60 gig for $210 and 360 under $300. If you try to add stuff to cart to see prices, the price at bottom is double. But even at double I dont believe they can sell ps3 for $210. No one can get that kind of deal, The company mandates minimum prices......Not even employees can get a discount on new hardware.. :roll: I have an immediate relative that works dirctly for Bill Gates and he doesnt even get a discount on hardware, But software :lol: I'm in heaven when I see a package from microsoft :wink:

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19 Dec 06 02:31:21 am
i question this site for the prices they have on ps3 has anyone dealt with them before?

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20 Dec 06 03:46:34 am
No and looking at that, I never will even try

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20 Dec 06 04:10:08 am
i have been looking for ipod suppliers all over the world for 7 months, and can not find one....the retail stores and large quantity buyers have the monopoly on electronics, and even if you buy in large quantities, you are lucky to get a $20-$30 profit margin.... not worth it...i am registered with many authorized sony, apple, and microsoft distributors who wholesale at or above retail! I have been looking for ipods, psps and microsoft software forever, and not one honest supplier can i find, that will provide reasonable wholesale prices for brand new, genuine original really have to have connections or the moolah to access these products...i have connections to the actual manufacturors, and even they dont offer reasonable wholesale! (i am hoping they will come around though,hehe :) )

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27 Aug 08 04:07:50 am
Have you tried Link hidden: Login to view?

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