Suppliers that ship internationally?

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25 Apr 07 02:17:22 am
I am new to SaleHoo and as a newcomer have probably done exactly as every newcomer, gone straight to check out the goods and suppliers. It has become very frustrating and time consuming as most of the suppliers I have looked at do not send their goods internationally. This does not help me in Australia. Would it be possible to further refine the searches to pinpoint those that send to relevant countries or even just those that send internationally? This would save a lot of time and frustration. :idea:

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25 Apr 07 05:53:04 am
Use the advanced search options and select ships internationally from the first dropdown menu

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Its not perfect but we are currently working on a better way to search the database.

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10 May 07 09:22:10 am
I too live in Australia and i have tried the advance search. It retutns a lot of wholesalers with a red cross beside 'International'. I assume this means that they do not ship outside US, Canada or UK. I am also interrested in camping gear: tents, stoves and that sort of thing. Cheers.

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12 Jan 09 01:25:30 am
Have you tried any of these suppliers for camping equipment?
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All ship internationally or are based in Australia.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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