Suppliers wanted who ship to Oz and have reasonable prices

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24 Jun 06 07:54:06 am
Hi guys,
im fairly new to the game here and was wanting a bit of help. I was wondering if anyone can suggest any good wholesalers that would export to Australia at reasonable prices. Ive done a bit of research and the shipping costs and tax etc can be quite expensive as 'down under' is in the middle of no where!!! Any help would be great

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24 Jun 06 09:25:19 am
What type of products are you wanting to import? If you could narrow it down abit we (and others) will be able to help you out!

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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24 Jun 06 01:24:02 pm
hi thanks for the reply, was thinking about starting small with personal electronic goods such as ipods and assorts.

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24 Jun 06 01:31:27 pm
for some reason my post said i was a guest but meh.
also i was wonderng if maybe someone could offer some tips into starting up a business like what sort of products to sell. Any personal stories of inspiration?

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26 Jun 06 11:50:23 am
I am in the same boat there....can somone please help

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4 Jul 06 02:24:09 pm
same here, any help would be appreciated :D

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7 Jul 06 08:52:58 am
Just get your ipods through a chinese supplier. They do sell legit ones if you look. Shipping is expensive though, $45, so order in lots of 10 or more if you can afford it.

I sold an iPod on ebay but it was faulty so i told her to call Apple and get it repaired through them. She done that. Took about a week to get repaired and she got it back...and i got positive feedback. The point being, the fact that she gave it to Apple and they repaired it, checked it etc and got it back fixed proves that it is an original ipod.

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7 Jul 06 12:10:33 pm
I dont know if you are interested but I am selling Ipod nano LCD screens, there seems to be a big market for that since one people break them, and two apparently there was a big issue with apple making shotty nanos, to where the screen blotched and messed up. For you, I'd be willing to reduce my prices in order to compensate for shipping costs to the land down under. As stated, you would have to purchase in bulk in order to make it more profitable. One screen just wont cover the shipping, it would cost more than the screen itself!


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30 Jul 06 02:06:57 am
HI Everyone,

I have been selling to some selected online retailers for quite sometime now. I’m looking for new customers. If you are interested in ipods/ xbox 360/PSP, please contact me at Link hidden: Login to view

I believe you’ll find my prices very competitive & MOQ is 20 units. Shipping is free. Currency is in US$

IPOD NANO 1GB--------$95 X 20 = $1900
IPOD NANO 2GB--------$125 X 20 = $2500
IPOD NANO 4GB--------$155 X 20 = $3100
IPOD VIDEO 30GB------$195 X 20 = $3900
IPOD VIDEO 60GB-------$225 X 20 = $4500

Note: All consoles are US version

PSP VALUE PACK-------$155 X 20 = $3100
PSP GIGA PACK--------- $135 X 20 = $2700
Playstation 2(PS2)-------- $105 X 20 = $2100
XBOX-360 PREMIUM PACK--------$290 X 20 = $5800
XBOX-360 CORE PACK--------- $215 X 20 = $4300

Payment is only via bank wire transfer, if you happened to be in Australia, and bank deposit should not cost you anything.

Paypal is available for first time customers and other payment methods such as money order or cheque can be accepted but shipment would only be processed after payment is cleared.
Escrow not accepted.

With these prices, it’s hard not to make money online! In larger orders, prices are negotiable.


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9 Aug 06 01:54:38 am
im looking for ipod nano 2gb black

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2 Nov 06 03:17:05 am
I am a wholesaler of unique computer chairs located in a warehouse in Sydney (my own design.) Prices include free delivery and GST.

Will sell single items to interested buyers. You won't make a fortune but could earn a modest income.

Link hidden: Login to view


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23 Nov 06 02:27:34 pm
lol that chair looks great. :)

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25 Feb 07 03:42:09 pm
It does look really good (my mum has scoliosis, osteoporosis, breathing difficulties from COPD, and a host of other problems and has difficulty with seats, so I know where you're coming from). What a great product idea! (I'm going to show it to her - but she is funny with her seating...)

I bet there would be tons of physios and OTs dealing with rehab patients returning to the workplace that would love this product.

Question: Have you been on 'The New Inventors' yet on the ABC? It would go so well!!!


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