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31 Aug 10 11:04:48 pm
I'm excited and also overwhelmed at starting my online business.

Can anyone recommend any companies that will allow me to buy one thing at a time, just so I can get a feel for things? I'm obviously looking for good quality and also good price. I've been looking at a variety of things to sell, so any company will be fine. There are so many sellers in the directory, I'm rather reluctant on ordering anything in fear of losing out.

Thanks for any input!


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31 Aug 10 11:30:37 pm
You can inquire into a sample order from any supplier Gina, and the good ones, where they usually only sell in volume, will supply you one off products as sample orders so you are able to gauge the quality of the product in preparation of a larger order.

That would be the best way to approach it with Wholesalers, where as a Drop Shipper will happily sell you just one item.

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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31 Aug 10 11:43:29 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, Gina! Great to have you here ;)

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1 Sep 10 01:24:16 am
Nice to have you here with us! Welcome Gina :)

By the way, what type of products are you interested in? We'd love to help.

You can also try searching for suppliers yourself and filter those that do not require any minimum order quantities, so you can make single purchases.

Hope this helps!


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6 Sep 10 01:19:56 am
Hi Gina,

Welcome to the crazy yet fun world of ecommerce! It would be great to see a picture of you, if you have a chance to upload one!

Building upon what fudjj said, the great thing about dropshipping is that it's usually the norm to order one product at a time, as you sell each one. Dropshipping is definitely the best way to go if you have either limited funds and/or storage space, or if you don't want to have to package and ship products yourself.

Most suppliers will have it clearly indicated on their websites whether they're just wholesalers, or if they also dropship, and if all else fails, ask them!

As far as your concerns about quality, the great thing about Salehoo is that almost every supplier has reviews and ratings posted on their profiles, where you can see what people who have already bought products from them have to say regarding the quality of products they have to offer.

Best of luck to you!

Erika Garnica
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