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The Most Reliable Chinese Wholesalers

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26 Jun 09 10:21:36 am
Can someone please direct me to the best chinese wholesalers of sports jerseys, polo shirts, designer shoes and sneakers. And please inform me on what they're method of payment is. Thanks!!

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26 Jun 09 12:22:25 pm
if your going to try the asian market, i would suggest you do a lot of research in these forums first. you can get some great deals from asia but you can also get scammed really quick. i'm sure some 1 w/ experience w/ this will comment soon but from what i know, 1) your not going to find REAL jerseys or designer shoes or anything of the sort, you will either get fakes or nothing at all.
2) if you buy from china always pay w/ a credit card or paypal. never do a bank transfer cause you can kiss your money goodbye. again i have no experience in buying from asia, so hopefully some who does will come along soon and give you more insight, but until then i would search the forum for dh gate. it has been discussed a lot here lately and you could find a wealth of knowledge in those posts

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9 Jul 09 05:04:04 am
hi at3434
you can try tradetang.com i deal with them but most stuff
from these sites are fakes

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16 Jul 09 06:46:22 am
I'm from china,in fact,I hate Fake product,I see some people looking for chinese wholesalers,Yes there have a lot of cheap and high quality products,but How do you know a fake from the original?that's need time and your experience,so,if you have no experience for this ,PM me,I will try to help you all ,sorry my pool english,I just to learn english from there and make friends with everybady,and do some business that I can do now,thanks

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16 Jul 09 07:20:07 am
Hi all,

You may check out this article about importing from China (if you haven't yet):

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It details the important points that you need to keep in mind when dealing with Chinese suppliers.

Cheers! :)

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27 Jul 09 07:11:17 am
if you're looking for replicas, i deal with elitefashionstore.com and haven't had any issues. they even refunded my money one time as some items were out of stock and i didn't want to replace them.

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3 Aug 09 11:34:44 pm
Hi, there items authnic? I have dealt with china and did not have good results. Also when I tried to import to america I found out that most things if it is name brand can not be imported even if they are real any Ideas about how to get around this?

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4 Aug 09 12:33:16 am
If it's a registered brand name, then it's a fake. The chances of getting a genuine branded product from China are so small they amount to 0. Yes, most brand names are made there, but they are sold through authorised distribution networks outside of China.

Mark (fudjj)

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