Truck battery wholesaler needed

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18 Jan 10 10:58:37 pm
Hi Everybody

I was wondering if anybody knows any good Truck Battery Wholesaler??

I've been trying to find a good one for a couple of weeks, i found one or two but there prices aren't really good. Much help would be appreciated and in the mean time if i find some I'll post them here :)

Have a great day :D

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19 Jan 10 02:25:47 am
Hi sweet_girl56,

If you haven't yet, try:

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All the best!

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19 Jan 10 04:22:49 am
Truck Battery, interesting product.

I would be suggesting looking very local, not the kind of thing you will be able to ship around easily because of the weight, not to mention the packaging and shipping issues you would face.

I mean shipping by the pallet or even container/truckload wouldn't be a major issue for delivery, but not the kind of thing you would want to try and get one of shipped, or even ship yourself to a customer I wouldn't think.

At least I wouldn't : )

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Jan 10 07:01:41 am
Well Thanks for the advice and suggestions, i haven't found a place with decent prices yet.

I wouldn't be shipping the batteries, my husband is selling them local. He already has a bunch of buyers for them but was looking into making more profit by buying them somewhere else.

I'll keep searching.

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28 Jan 10 09:08:53 am
sweet girl56:

Hi, I am from china, and know some truck battery wholesalers here, if you want get some help, please let me know, I am happy to help you!


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