Trying to find a genuine suppliers Iphones

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29 Sep 13 01:35:31 pm
Hello I have been in here and cant find genuine suppliers of cell phones like Iphones etc

If someone can point me to the right supplier that I wont loose my money and get taken for a ride I will be greatly appreciated.



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29 Sep 13 08:42:56 pm
Hi Michelle,

With branded mobile phones, you only option is to purchase from large wholesalers. I'm certainly not aware of anyone offering legit Drop Shipping. Even when dealing with wholesalers, you won't be able to buy iPhones, the distribution of which are very tightly controlled by Apple and are only available through Apple themselves.

I'm not an expert in the Mobile Market, but you may well find that other brands will also have a very tight control on their distribution and may also not be available through an open wholesale market as well. Even the phone brands you find available will not have massive discounts on bulk purchases, margins on a product will be quite thin I think you will find.

One thing you should definitely not do is to purchase a branded Mobile Phone from a Chinese supplier, do not do that under any circumstance whatsoever!

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30 Sep 13 05:18:36 am
Hello Michelle,

A lot of our members are very interested in sourcing Apple iPhones, iPods and the iPad because they are extremely popular. Unfortunately the requirements to source these wholesale are extremely high due to Apple's desire to protect their brand value. If you want to source these items wholesale, you'll need to fill out an application on Apple's website and be able to meet a minimum annual purchase requirement of more than $100,000 and provide 2 business references - among other things. You can read the full requirements here: Link hidden: Login to view

Although there is no other way to legitimately source Apple iPhones, iPods and the iPad wholesale except through Apple themselves, you can source Apple accessories from a number of wholesalers and drop shippers. Here is a list of a few SaleHoo suppliers for Apple accessories:

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(Don't forget you need to find the Wholesale section on these supplier's websites and either fill out an application form or contact them directly to get wholesale prices).

The other option to source Apple products is via liquidators. Liquidators can legitimately resell iPods, iPhones etc, but Apple won't honor the warranty for products sourced this way.

Some liquidators of Apple products in our directory are:
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Hope that helps get you started! If you need more supplier suggestions, or would like some other ideas for hot products to sell, please just let me know :)


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