UK Wholesalers/Liquidators or Import? Perfume Suppliers?

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23 Jan 08 05:27:31 pm
Hi everyone.

I need help (not for the first time!!).

I'm located in the UK and everything here is darned expensive. I've gone goggle eyed trawling for wholesalers for cosmetics and fragrances and it seems I can't get them cheap enough for an online shop let alone ebay. The items on must be copies or I'm being extremely dim and not finding the suppliers properly.

I've been looking at Universal Perfumes website in the US and they do seem reasonable - has anyone had any dealings with them. They don't accept C/Cards from overseas only T/T so I'm a little wary. Any comments would be great.

And finally, is there anyone out there importing into the UK from China? Again comments would be great on suppliers and import charges.

Jeni x

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17 Mar 09 11:15:17 pm
Here are some of the top rated cosmetic and fragrance suppliers in the Salehoo database. They all ship internationally. Check them out :D
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All the best :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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18 Mar 09 01:41:52 am
Check this fellow out. I don't know that he will have anything in the UK; but it will be hard to beat his liquidation price on cosmetics.

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18 Mar 09 01:54:56 am
HI Jenny,

I know a company you can use, PM me, I am also in the UK.

For the record salehoo before you tell me off its not my company :)

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1 Jul 16 04:17:07 am
Hi Everyone,

We have an updated list of designer brand perfume suppliers on this thread: wanted/designer-brand-perfume-suppliers-here-t17809.html

All the best!


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