UK Xbox, PS3 and iPod supplier wanted

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22 Oct 07 09:34:05 pm
Hi All,

Ill cut to the chase...
I want X BOX 360 PS3 Nintendo wii. apple i pods, all must be Uk spec (Pal) would like a honest Uk Wholesaler please for such goods..
Prices must be Good Re-sale value.
Please dont say MK enterprise as there too pricey in there shiping fees..
Anybody got contacts for such products for my online retail shop please e/mail Link hidden: Login to view or pm me here on salewhoo

Thanks everyone

Best wishes

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23 Oct 07 06:05:29 am
Well if it not MK you probably wont find any from that location. Wholesalers are hard enough to find as it is but you also have to consider the size of the country in question. You will find a plethora of distributors for certain items in the USA as where in GB you wont find very many. Most of the items are imported in from other countries in Mass Bulk. As In container loads full. And there are very few willing to ship items like these due to regulations on the product. In GB you have to find pal versions.

If your a small operation I would not even bother with this market. There are too many people competing against you in the first place. Items like the Wii can only come from an authorized distributer. And its doubt full that there is a distributer in GB that is even getting these in. Nintendo is hardcore on getting production boosted for the US market.Especially for the christmas season. No wholesaler can even dream of getting these right now.

And all the apply iphones are coming direct from retailers. buyers are buying them up for retail prices. Unlocking them and placing them on ebay for a hundred bucks or more profit per item.

Sony is just lucky that the ps3 has not yet bankrupted them due to thier other areas that are more profitable. These machines are hard to get rid of. And they cant drop thier prices much lower for risk of serious losses. No wholesaler will sell these for a good price.

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23 Oct 07 02:29:01 pm
Hi there,

We currently have available around 5000 units of XBOX 360 customer return working with 30 days warranty. They have its retail package and all accessories
price is $235.00 (50 pieces minimum)

Daniel Pellegri
Sales executive
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Ebay user ID: pickyourdeal

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23 Oct 07 05:07:56 pm
Thanks But i need pal consoles ! But ill be moving to jacksonvile soon so maybe ill pay your site a visit..

Anyone got a good wholesaler here in the uk who will sell xbox 360 prem, Nintendo wii sports, ps3 consoles, all must be (Pal) and good resale prices..



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