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9 Jun 08 06:30:06 pm
Hello There, this is my first post as i have been doing a lot of searching through the forums, doing research and such since i joined up, now there are a lot of topics on the forums that talk about video games and how you don't earn much money from them only a few pounds and since i don't have a registered business in the uk i cannot use major distributors to get a nice profit, however i have befriended the owner of a local dvd & games rental store, he said to me he will purchase the games from me, so he gave me a list of what he wants, but my problem is, i cannot really find any wholesalers that are in the uk itself or ship to the uk that have Pal games, but i have started to notice that games that are coming out recently do not have any region protection example Ninja Gaiden II and Grand Theft Auto IV, i have been using ebay to get the games but i don't want to carry on using them as sometimes i can only get games that are full price or over full price :o but really what i'm asking is has anyone used a wholesaler that ships or is in the uk and that sells in bulk 5 - 10 units just to start me off, so i can sell them to him

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15 Jul 08 01:53:52 am
I had a search for you in the Salehoo directory.
Here are some wholesalers who ship to the UK. You may want to check them out ;)

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Hope they are useful. Good luck :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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17 Jul 08 01:58:38 pm
pm me and Ill tell you the suppliers I use in the UK. You don't even have to order more than 1 offs and FREE shipping.


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