Want to purchase iPod nano from DHgate

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23 Aug 06 10:59:41 pm
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering, a lot of people here seem to use dhgate to purchase their nanos and other ipods... I was comparing prices and I'm having a hard time figuring out how one would make a profit off ipods?

DHgate : 2GB Nano - $242.77
Ebay: completed listing price- $174.61/ Buy now - $221.94
Futureshop: $229.99 CDN

I want to purchase some things off DHgate cause everyone keeps referring it. Can anyone tell me which products from their site will generate a decent profit?

Thanks in advance. :D

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24 Aug 06 12:37:52 am
Keep looking. I have seen the 2GB nanos go for much less than that. The only thing about buying from China is the shipping cost. In order to avoid shipping eating up all your profits you will need to buy a decent amount of items. I would suggest buying atleast 5 items at once, or more if you can.

Also, with DHGate, make sure to ask the seller questions before buying. This way you can get a general idea of the quality, authenticity etc... If you do not get what you thought you were paying for, you can always send it back.

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24 Aug 06 02:20:38 am
Those prices are a little high. I found a reliable supplier on dhgate that gets me the Ipod Nano 2gb's for only $135.00. Send me a pm if your interested.

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24 Aug 06 07:38:26 am
please be careful when you use dhgate, I have tried to buy 3 types of items, and guess what... the items keep more then 1 months to arrive to my customer ( I use dropshiping, because dont have capital)... and some even worse, After I wait for so long and my customer went mad... I contact the the dhgate manager, and guess what after a week they checked on this, they say the seller has no longer Dhgate members....

I am so angry that time...

and of course my customer so mad at me.........

However, the dhgate manager pay bank my money, but that took another half month...



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