Wanting to buy $20,000 worth of iPods - Wholesalers?

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17 Dec 08 02:25:19 am
I have saved about $40,000 over the years I have worked. I want to buy FROM WHOLESALERS not any middlemen. I am looking for a lot of APPLE ipods that i can purchase for about $20,000. I dont care if its those weak APPLE ipod shuffles. I am willing to buy $20,000 worth of them to sell them. If somebody with some actual WHOLESALER contacts please hook me up I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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17 Dec 08 02:38:22 am
Put most of that money away and forget iPods. Sorry to say it but you havn't got enough to compete with anyone on eBay for example, if that is what you wanted to do.

You have $40,000 which is a great sum to start out with, but please don't spend it on that. You don't need too spend anywhere near that.

Thank God when I started out I didn't have that sort of money. I would of lost all of it and then some!

Stick around here for a while and once you have learnt a bit come back to me, I could think of 101 better things to do with it!

No rush at all, I'm sure you will see a couple of the other senior members saying the same thing...

Good Luck and Welcome to Salehoooo!

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17 Dec 08 03:39:49 am
Don waste your money because when your done you wont have any. You can buy as many as 2-4 truckloads of liquidated goods from me for that much. Or order 3 pallets Wii's direct from nintendo. And have better luck then buying Ipods.

Do some research don't just go jumping in on 1 product or you will drown faster then you began. Invest a little here and invest a little there, try different things Buy liquidations, Buy small bulk and experiment before you throw a huge investment into anything.

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