Where are the real wholesalers for dvd's?

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9 Oct 07 11:42:26 am
iam a new member ,
and i'll tell you, i have found no true wholesalers of dvd's,the sites you have listed i already found on my own ,before i came here .and thats not wholesale ,15.00 for a 4 or 5 year old movie is a joke .i can buy them at a yard sale used for 1.00 and have .i thought you would have companies that i haven't found and where selling newer movies at reasonable prices ,every site i have looked at so far on here is out of the relm of making any profit after the purchace and shipping .so tell me where is the best place to find REAL and i mean real store bought movies at a nice reasonable price ,and i'll buy hundreds .

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12 Oct 07 05:57:23 am
Link hidden: Login to view (they sell on the forum as well!)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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12 Oct 07 08:42:53 am
First thing,I dont think you understand the what real wholesale is on Movies. If you think your going to find
new or Newer releases for prices like $4.00-$12.00 , your in the wrong business.

Real wholesale on a Brand New Release is on average $17.99 - $19.99

We have the real dvd movie wholesalers in our directory.
You want to find a real dvd wholesaler. that will sell you newer release movies?

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These guys are a real wholesaler of Newer release movies. And video Games. They are also a supplier for many video store chains.

Wal-Mart on average LOOSES 142 million each year because they sell movies for $14.99 for the first few days of a new movies release. This is $3.00 below the wholesale price and $5.00 below the wholesale price of a Widescreen Version. They consider the loss a part of doing business because those same people that came for the dvd get suckered into buying more. Especially if their a woman or they brought thier wives.

If you intend to sell dvd's on ebay you will do nothing but break even unless you have a high repeat customer base. I have sold thousands of dvd's on ebay. You can make profits on used dvd's but new ones you might as well forget about it. Used dvd's are ten times more favorable to ebayers because of the price.

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18 Oct 07 07:57:43 pm
I have sold a lot of dvds and cds but I get them from a local shop that does clean outs. I list them for .99and I don't care what I get for them as I make acouple of bucks of shipping. So maybe I make 2 -4$ on them. The thing I like about them is they are easy to list. I can list 50 in about an hour.

I thought I had it made with BMG as I could research the best selling cds and then order when BMG sent be 60 to 90% off emails.

I was making about 4-6$ each. But I never read the TACs. SO I ended-up getting an email stating I had been tagged for re-selling which is against their TAC. So I called the ladey at BMG and got my account closed.

I got tagged because I was ordering 5 each of top sellers. And was into my third order when this happened.

Now they are sending me emails wanting me back and are offering me 15 for the price of one which I think I will do. Idiots.


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