Where can I get this mp4 player

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30 Jan 07 02:16:09 pm
Here is an ebay aution number of a MP4 player that I am looking for.
All the players that I can find only have a max of 2GB. This one has 4GB, are all over ebay and sell for about 50USD. I cant find anything close on chinavision or any of the other suppliers listed that would allow me to turn a profit. I would lose everytime, not even factoring in shipping costs. Any Ideas?


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6 Nov 07 11:58:33 am

We could supply you this MP4 Player 4GB which you are looking for.

If you are still interested please contact us under our e-mail: Link hidden: Login to view

Kind regards from Switzerland,

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11 Feb 08 07:30:02 pm
We can also supply it direct from China!

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9 May 08 12:24:43 am
try dhgate.com

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11 May 08 12:45:56 pm
If you're talking about design inspired MP4 players, then yes DHGate is the first place to find them. Basically all of their merchandise is this way. They could seem really good too, the actual MP4 players.

But they're not much quality. If you wish to take the jump on it though sellerkey.com has what you're asking about. $50 MP4 players are definitely selling at that rate for a reason.

If they were first class they would be in the $100 range, that said they do make an excellent deal break and do sell out quickly. Probably the best route to go is buy a shelf of them off a liquidation sale.


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