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Where to buy Billabong, Designer Handbags, Real Watches?

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27 Apr 07 11:16:36 pm
HI, I am a new seller on Aussie ebay and have spent weeks going around and around trying to find someone that dropships desinger hand bags, that are genuine. I am so sick of the fakes. the same for watches and I just cant find a drop shippr for billabong or roxy designer clothes

Anyone have any ideas. Please. I am the ned of my wits. I am so glad I joined Salehoo. It has been the best things I have done to find help

Good luck to all. Your responses would be much appreciated

Cheers Db

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28 Apr 07 06:48:22 am
Hello and thanks for joining salehoo. Just to inform you. The product line your trying to get into is severly oversaturated with fakes and even if there is a possibility you can find a legit supplier. I doubt they will dropship for you. Im sure you have read in many places that people are making millions selling handbags. But this information is over 3 years old and really just aint happening anymore. The fack that there is so many fakes on the market has dropped the selling prices of the real handbags. And small volume sellers trying to sell them are having a very hard time making profits on them.

I have yet to meet a seller that is making any money let alone big profits on these items. The sellers that have a legit supplier buys them in large quantities and guards thier secret sources with thier lives. Half the time sellers will lie to intentionally get you banned from ebay if they think your going to be any competition. Who should ebay believe? A seller with 120,000 feedback . Or a new seller jumping in on the action. Ebay tends to ban first and forget asking questions at all due to the threats the designer handbag manufacturers have givin them in the last year.

If you are looking for good info on handbags try viewing my thread here. But my advise is to stay away from this market..

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28 Apr 07 04:53:09 pm
YOu anser is much appreciated. I just really don't know if there is anything that I can sell on ebay without having to stock up first..

I know perfumes are very expensive here in AUstralia but the sell cheap onbey I cannot even find US pergume drop shipper that can beat the ebaY pricwes

thanks fo your time



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