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Wholesale supplier of the product Final Fantasy VII

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11 Mar 07 07:40:24 am
I found and uncovered a legitimate wholesale supplier of some very rare hard to find goods including FF7.

I will not give this information just out on the boards, its too valuable for many people really serious about doing things like dropshipping

I will say this, it took a long time to find this info. I've been all over and found it because I have been an obssessed wholesale scouter now, I literally scout places in my spare time.

Anyway, I am willing to trade the information with someone who can tell me a very good source supplier for xbox 360 products such as the headsets.

Please PM me for any details and questions about a possible trade...

This is a business, another business that if you do part time yes you can make a bundle and pay off any illegitimate debts. Just do it very smart, and have a keen, razor sharp eye.

When I say that I suppose I mean this. Only take on what you can handle when you can handle it...if you see something, take a second look first. I've found rare products, a doubly rare product and purchased it for $10, aka nothing.

And as I scout areas and put out an even more scrutinizing eye, as well as ask questions with precision, I find things almost sometimes by accident. Quite a good and worthwhile lesson.


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