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5 Jun 14 10:31:29 pm
I was looking up buying cameras wholesale and to sell them on ebay. However all the warehouses in your directory for cameras is either a bad review or no reviews. So how can we determine if we are dealing with a good wholeseller? I do not see any positive reviews anywhere. I checked out another one on hiking and no reviews there either. This is very disappointing. How can I use the directory if every wholeseller on here are bad to do business with and have bad reviews?

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5 Jun 14 11:34:20 pm
Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum,

All of the suppliers in our directory have undergone an application process and have been fully verified as legitimate and safe to trade with for our members. In regards to reviews, it's entirely up to members if they choose to write about their experiences with a supplier or not and you have to take into account that if they do write, then they are writing about their own experience, which of course may not be everyone else's experience.

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19 Jun 14 05:22:14 am
Hello Kevin,

I wanted to help you and filtered some searches using the Wholesale Directory and was keen on selecting Wholesalers and having a 5 star rating.

You may want to look into these suppliers for cameras:
Link hidden: Login to view ... 1b68fac18f
Link hidden: Login to view ... 0e083f7354
Link hidden: Login to view ... effe4ce622

To make your searches more effective, you can view this link:

Link hidden: Login to view ... -directory

I hope this helps.

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22 Jun 14 06:32:19 pm
Hi Kevin,

We can assist you with both cameras and hiking equipment. Please peruse our site, but please also forward specific models. We keep roughly 100,000 products on our site, but carry well over 1,000,000 SKU's in our product line card, so even if you do not see it on our site, just reach out.

Feel free to give Marc or Vince a jingle - +1.703.635.7463.

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19 Oct 14 06:54:59 pm
I just looked through your site. You charge almost $500 to become a reseller?
After going through about 10 of your 'wholesale' prices I found all of them substantially
cheaper on both Amazon & eBay..



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