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23 Oct 08 12:37:04 pm
Hi Guys,

I know that this question has been already asked but since I couldn't find and answer and Jimmy is not responding to my private messages (probably he is busy and I don't blame him), then I'll just ask it here:

I am not an expert in games but I will be opening up a store to sell liquidation stuff but I would like to sell video games at the purchase price (no profit for me), kind like to attract people to my store, the questions:

1- can I offer used games for resale or do you think I should only sell new games instead?

2- what should I pay for those games for instance I've checked 'Call for duty 4', and I found it for $38 used and it sells for $50 new, should I go used or new and is this a good price for it in the first place?

3- should I sell only xbox360 games or should I include wii and ps3, which ones are the hot sellers these days?

Sorry I know that I am asking a lot of questions but I want to make sure I avoid the missteps on the launch date especially with what's going on in the economy.


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17 Feb 09 07:42:01 pm
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