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Xbox360, PS3, PSP console - supplier wanted

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23 Mar 11 02:05:23 pm
hello guys!

I'm from Brazil and has been a week since I'm here at Salehoo. I'm having trouble finding suppliers of xbox360, PS3, PSP.
Who can help me, I am grateful!

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23 Mar 11 03:46:29 pm
Hi! I'm in the US and I can tell you that here it's very hard to find Xbox 360 and PS3s from legitimate suppliers at a price where you can make a profit.

I've worked with liquidation.com (pretty good supplier here with all kinds of merchandise) and I've noticed that the unit cost of Xbox's and PS3's is pretty close to what you'll end up selling it for. For that matter, any hot electronic item. In my opinion it's high risk, low reward.

My outtake on the video game consoles is this.... so you can get some game consoles for say $185 per unit and sell them for $200 per unit, why not buy high end clothing (or something of lower risk) for $10-15 per unit and sell it for $20-40 per unit. You're making the same amount of money, if not more, and you're not sticking your neck out on the line.

Video game consoles are a VERY TOUGH market.

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23 Mar 11 10:52:15 pm
Hi guys,

@Rafael: Welcome to SaleHoo :) Here are previous posts with supplier suggestions for the products you are interested in -

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

You might want to consider the practical tip given by TBlack412 and the ones on this thread too - Link hidden: Login to view

@TBlack41: Spot on! Videos games and consoles are both a tough market and many of our other experienced members feel the same way too. Very practical suggestion on selling something else with lower risk and probably a higher profit margin as well!



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24 Mar 11 12:05:28 am
Good Night,

Wanted the islands here in Brazil because the demand is good, and demand is having.
But thank you anyway.

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