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What's content, who are influencers and how do I get the O into SEO? All the ins and outs of owned media and how to use them here.
11 eCommerce SEO Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
Discover 11 examples of less-obvious SEO issues for e-Commerce sites, and find out exactly what you can do about them.
300+ Best Instagram Captions & Hashtags for your Photos in 2024
Instagram isn't all about images. Sure, they catch attention and pique curiosity. But without words that provide context and a sense of direction, your Instagram photos won't make any sense. It's hard to ignore Instagram's potential as a marketing tool. With one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users, Instagram allows individuals and businesses to reach a massive global audience. That in mind, make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts by putting as much thought into your captions as your photos. Your Instagram captions shouldn't be just an afterthought! Post Contents: [ show hide ] What is an Instagram Ca
Get Repeat Sales with Email Marketing
This is the final post in our Simple 5 Step Method for Mega Sales This Holiday Season and we are going out with a bang by talking about a really fantastic free selling strategy which is all about customer retention and making repeat sales to customers that you already have. This is a fantastic way to make money online without investment so it’s great...
eCommerce Marketing: 6 Effective Ways to Promote a Niche Product
The e-commerce industry has been growing faster than ever. More and more customers are turning to online businesses than before. However, the inverse is also true: Many more businesses are now online compared to the years past. Competition is tight, so it is tough to grow and stand out among the millions of e-commerce businesses out there. As such, many e-commerce businesses target niche markets instead of the general market to get ahead of the competition. What’s inside? [ show hide ] Benefits of Niche Marketing Less competition
The Importance of eCommerce SEO and Content
We have often heard that in order for any website to be successful it has to make the front page of the Google search results. In other words, it's got to rank, and in order for it to rank it needs high quality content and a well-organized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This is especially true for ecommerce sites. Some would argue that content is just one item in the ecommerce SEO checklist, and they would be right, but it's a HUGE item. For one thing, good content has become one of the top considerations to rank in Google, which aside from identifying text and content patterns also has Quality Raters that closely examine content in order to improve the efficacy of Google's search algorithms. Despite the stringent requirements, ranking on Google isn't rocket science. Effective SEO for ecommerce requires you to provide unique content (very important!) tha

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