The Best Dropshipping Software for 2024 (in Order of Importance)

Thursday June 2727th Jun 2024
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What is the best dropshipping software?

💡 Quick Answer: SaleHoo Dropship is by far the best dropshipping software for small to medium businesses that want to scale their operations. This product research and supplier sourcing platform allows dropshippers to find profitable products from a variety of niches to add to their Shopify store. You can also find pre-vetted suppliers to run your dropshipping business while also automatically adding dropship products to your Shopify store. This all in one solution is constantly rated number one as the best dropshipping software on the market because of it’s one stop shop capabilities.

Dropshipping may be a low-capital business idea with minimal upfront costs, but you need to invest in dropshipping software to ensure its success. Good dropshipping software can be the key enabler you need to differentiate your business from your competitors.

But how do you choose the best solutions for your dropshipping business when there are so many dropshipping software available on the web?

We have created a guide to the ten essential dropshipping software to make choosing easier. Check them out below.

10 Best dropshipping software to empower your business

A robust dropshipping software has many advantages. It can help you gain operational efficiency, allow you to automate your business, and ensure that it  remains profitable.  You can focus on your decision-making responsibilities by offloading routine tasks to any software you deploy.

We have handpicked the top-performing software solutions for dropshipping businesses that are affordable, yield a good ROI, and are trusted by experienced dropshippers. They cover the most common aspects of your business, including business process automation, website development, email marketing, product research, supplier sourcing, client relationship management, and more.

Each software has its unique utility that can help you improve your dropshipping business and some of them even come with cross-functionalities.

So, let’s get started.

1. SaleHoo

What’s it for: Product Research & Supplier Sourcing

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Trustpilot)


SaleHoo is a product research and supplier sourcing tool that you can use to find ideas for your dropshipping business. It boasts a product directory comprising more than 2.5 million unique products and 8,000+ pre-vetted suppliers. So it’s an excellent resource to use for product research, whether you’re starting your dropshipping business or want to sell profitable products.

You can utilize its Market Research Lab to research product trends and compare different items to get an idea of what might sell. It has built-in filters to help you find profitable products in your chosen niche. Once you’ve shortlisted your products, use the SaleHoo Directory to find trustworthy suppliers who can help you fulfill your orders. Negotiate the best pricing so that you can maximize your profits.

Apart from competent product research and sourcing, you can directly import your chosen products to your Shopify store and execute an Amazon Product Launch. SaleHoo Educate helps train entrepreneurs on how to launch and grow a successful eCommerce business. 

Choose from multiple pricing plans to find a solution that best suits your budget. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for you:

Service Pricing Plans
SaleHoo Directory Annual Access
$67 billed annually
Lifetime Access
$127 one-time payment
SaleHoo Dropship Basic
$27 per month
$97 per month
SaleHoo Educate Dropshipping on Shopify
$47 one-time payment
Amazon Product Launch
$47 one-time payment

Choose SaleHoo if: You’re unable to find profitable products for your dropshipping business and have little to no idea about how product research works. SaleHoo is not only easy to use but also has a patient and knowledgeable customer service team that will guide you on your journey.

2. Shopify

What’s it for: eCommerce website building

Rating: 4.6 Stars (App Store)


Shopify is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce website builders. This SaaS solution helps you create an online storefront from scratch, hosts your website, and helps you grow your dropshipping business. It has a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that you can easily navigate, even if you don’t have pro-level technical knowledge.

You can avail of more than 6,000 integrations to customize your storefront. It also offers great round-the-clock customer support. So, if you need help with anything, you can turn to the Shopify customer care team for expert guidance.

One of the best things about Shopify is that you get unlimited storage and bandwidth with every pricing plan. So, you can launch a dropshipping store of any scale and grow it on this platform.

Here’s a breakdown of the Shopify pricing plans for you:

Plan Pricing
Lite $9 per month
Basic $39 per month
$29 per month for annual subscriptions
Standard $105 per month
$79 per month for annual subscriptions
Advanced $399 per month
$299 per month for annual subscriptions

Choose Shopify if: You want to build a customized online storefront for your business and scale it over time. Shopify has all the resources and integrations that you may potentially need to run a flourishing eCommerce store.

3. AutoDS

What’s it for: End-to-end business automation

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Trustpilot)


AutoDS is a dropshipping automation tool that lets you import trending products from AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and many other online marketplaces to your website. You can run your dropshipping business on autopilot by taking advantage of features like one-screen inventory management, automatic prize optimization, complete order fulfillment, automatic tracking updates, and more.

The platform is great for dropshipping automation for beginners because it has a responsive and helpful support team that can provide you with all the one-on-one guidance you need.

You can even have custom branding for your products by tying up with suppliers of your choice. This is a key differentiator for any dropshipping business because you otherwise don’t have much control over the branding.

It’s also more affordable than most other software we’re discussing today — you get to sign up for a 14-day trial for only $1.

You can even easily diversify your business because AutoDS comes with a Print-On-Demand service at no additional cost.

Choose AutoDS if: You’re new to dropshipping automation and require ready-to-use solutions that do not need much monitoring. AutoDS can help you get started in no time and ensure your online store is always optimized for operational efficiency.

4. AliInsider

What’s it for: Competitor Research

Rating: 3.7 Stars (Chrome Web Store)


AliInsider is a plug-in for AliExpress and is known for its advanced competitor research and product comparison capabilities. You can also utilize it for a host of other purposes, including supplier sourcing and product research. But its state-of-the-art spy tool makes it a nifty addition to any drop shipper's arsenal of software.

You can use the AliInsider spy tools to find out what your competitors are selling, how many units they’re selling on which dates, their pricing, revenue, shipping charges, and more. AliInsider scouts your competition on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon – the three platforms that have the most eCommerce businesses.

In addition, its advanced database can also help you identify a profitable dropshipping niche. This feature is especially helpful for dropshippers who are in highly competitive niches and need to make a switch.

Plan Pricing
Free NA
Premium $29.90 per month
20% off on a 3-month package
2 months free on a 6-month package
7 months free on a 12-month package

Choose AliInsider if: You run your dropshipping business on AliExpress, but you’re struggling to become profitable. AliInsider can help you determine what changes you can make to your business so that it turns profitable.

5. Chargeflow

What’s it for: End-to-end chargeback and dispute management

Rating: 4.6 Stars (Shopify App Store)


Chargeback requests and disputes are common in eCommerce. This is especially true for businesses that operate on a large scale and handle a high volume of transactions every day. So, it’s imperative to have a chargeback management system in place that can automate the processing of such requests without affecting customer satisfaction.

Chargeflow is an AI and ML-powered software for chargeback dispute management.

Whenever a customer raises a complaint, it crafts intuitive replies to their chargeback disputes. It also optimizes its responses in real-time, based on data points acquired from multiple reliable touchpoints. The responses are double-checked by a dedicated Dispute Expert to ensure that they have a high success rate.

The best part about using Chargeflow is that you don’t have to pay any fees until you get paid. So, you can easily streamline any dispute management regarding your orders with this software and automate the process that may otherwise take up your time.

Choose Chargeflow if: You struggle with chargeback or dispute management and do business on a global scale that involves multiple modes of payments, banks, and other financial institutions.

6. Zendesk

What’s it for: Customer Service

App Store Rating: 4.5 Stars (App Store)


Zendesk is a state-of-the-art customer support automation software that bridges the gap between chatbots and live agents. While chatbots are great at handling generic queries, sometimes human intervention becomes necessary. The software automates this process by escalating high-priority issues to your customer support team quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly.

Not only do your customers get faster query resolution, but your live agents are also better equipped to handle critical queries. The solution can be adapted to suit businesses of any scale. Also note that Zendesk supports multiple channels, including emails, live chat, phone, social media, and more.

You can provide the best-in-class personalized client servicing with the help of this software. Since customer service can be a key differentiator for your business, you should consider investing in a solution like Zendesk.

The pricing is not cheap, but the service you get makes up for the cost.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plans for you:

Plan Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Support Team $25 per agent $19 per agent
Support Professional $69 per agent $55 per agent
Support Enterprise $149 per agent $115 per agent

Choose Zendesk if: You want to run your customer relationship management on autopilot and maintain a great rapport with your clientele. Zendesk works for your customer support team round the clock to ensure you can provide best-in-class service to your clients.

7. eBay Fees Calculator

What’s it for: Profit, expense, & overall financial management

Rating: 4.3 Stars (Trustpilot)


Expense management is imperative to understand the financial health of any business and calculate your profits (or losses). eBay Fees Calculator is a must-have for small businesses on eBay, Amazon, and other eCommerce marketplaces because it lets you calculate merchant fees and profits for every item you sell.

The eBay Fees Calculator has an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that requires minimal technical knowledge to navigate. It lets you quickly calculate the fees you will incur when selling a specific product and integrates with leading POSs (Point of Sale) like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

This nifty and versatile tool provides you with a stepwise breakdown of how merchant transaction fees and taxes are calculated. So, you can utilize it to determine your net profit margins. It can help segregate profitable products from non-profitable ones.

Choose eBay Fees Calculator if: You’re an eBay or Amazon business owner unable to make profits or someone who needs to take control of their finances.

8. eBay Title Builder

What’s it for: Optimized product titles

Rating: NA


eBay Title Builder is a relatively new solution that helps sellers optimize their product titles to maximize visibility and boost sales. You can create SEO-optimized product titles that match with the most used keywords used by customers to search for a product. This title builder scouts your competitors to give you insights about which keywords have high sales volumes, traffic, and high conversion.

Although the tool is made for eBay, its utility is not restricted to just this eCommerce marketplace. You can use it to optimize your product titles for other selling platforms and even your dropshipping website if you’re selling copycat products.

Since dropshipping is a highly competitive niche where multiple sellers deal in the same or similar products, having a tool like this helps you stand out from the crowd.

Choose eBay Title Builder if: You’re keen on boosting the discoverability and sales of your products on crowded eCommerce marketplaces.

9. Mailchimp 

What’s it for: Email  marketing and automation

Rating: 4 stars (Trustradius)


Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation tool that lets you launch omni channel campaigns for your eCommerce business. It offers a host of useful features like email, social media, and SMS marketing; reporting & analytics; platform management; and more. You can use this platform to launch, measure, and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

The best part is that Mailchimp is free for up to the first 2,000 subscribers. So, even if you’re a new dropshipping business, you can use this software to your advantage. Mailchimp is best suited for beginners because it is affordable and easy to use. But you can also continue using it as you scale your business.

Keep in mind that Mailchimp is a dedicated marketing campaign platform, it’s not specifically made for dropshipping businesses. Do not expect any additional solutions, like abandoned cart management.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plan for you, although you don’t need to opt for a higher-priced plan unless you operate at scale.

Plan Pricing
Premium $273.59 per month
$136.79 per month for the first year
Standard $13.68 per month
$6.84 per month for the first year
Essential $9.16 per month
$4.58 per month for the first year

Choose Mailchimp if: You are new to running email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp’s easy-to-navigate and beginner-friendly dashboard lets you create email campaigns in a fuss-free manner. It also helps with data visualization so that you can analyze the results of your campaign with relative ease.

10. WooDropship 

What’s it for: Product Management

Rating: 4.5 stars (App Store)


WooDropship is an exclusive product management automation solution for business owners who want to quickly and effectively populate their product gallery. This plug-in is great for WooCommerce or WordPress users because you will easily get the hang of it.

The only shortcoming is that you can use it only for your dropshipping store on AliExpress. However, the good thing about WooDropship is that you get some automation features even in its free plan.

Besides that, you can also opt for a pre-made dropshipping store for only $17. Rest assured that even if it is budget-friendly, WooDropship does not compromise on quality.

Choose WooDropship if: You’re new to AliExpress and require some eCommerce guidance to automate your dropshipping storefront. It is an affordable automation tool for beginners and small business owners.

In addition to these dropshipping software, here are some other solutions that can be helpful to you:

  • Canva: It is a SaaS platform for graphic and video designing. You can use this tool to create stunning product images and videos for your dropshipping website. While the free version has many features like pre-made templates and a user-friendly dashboard that even beginners can easily navigate, you can access infinite resources with the paid plan.
  • Flxpoint: This software enables you to manage multiple suppliers across multiple sales channels. So, if you run more than one dropshipping business on different eCommerce marketplaces, you can use Flxpoint to work with all your suppliers and fulfillment partners from a single, cohesive dashboard.
  • Importify: This is a one-click product import software that lets you score winning products for your website from more than 30 marketplaces. It also comes with a built-in supplier override feature that you can use to change your supplier without changing the product URL.
  • SellerRunning: This is an automated arbitrage tool that lets you export and sell products across 16 Amazon marketplaces. So, you can scale your business globally with the help of the Amazon-compliant tool that takes care of your business's legal safety.

Things to consider when choosing your dropshipping software

Dropshipping software has many benefits, but there are a few things you need to consider before choosing one for your business.

1. Budget

As you can tell, most dropshipping software that can simplify your business is paid. You need to factor in the financial expenses that you will incur should you opt for one. Whether it’s a one-time fee or a recurring monthly subscription that you’re paying, your dropshipping software should fit your budget.

So consider investing in solutions that offer a good return on investment.

You can go for trial packs to check if the software is helpful to your business or not and then decide on making an annual purchase. We recommend going for monthly plans for solutions that don’t offer a free or discounted trial. That way, you can terminate your subscription if it does not show good results for your business.

2. Customer support

Do your research to find out if the software solution you’re choosing comes with a reliable support team that can help you with any problems you may face while using it. Software solutions may take some amount of guidance to be deployed and utilized successfully. This is especially true if you are new to the game and have not used any such solutions before.

3. Ease of use

Take the ease of use of the software into account. Any solution that’s intuitive and offers easy navigation is a good fit for beginners and small businesses. Bear in mind that using dropshipping software should make your life easy and not complicate it any further.

Dropshipping software should also ease your workload.

This guide to the best dropshipping software in 2024 should give you clarity over which ones are beginner-friendly. If not, a trial subscription is the best to figure out the nitty gritty of a new solution.

4. Scalability

Dropshipping may not be a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s a scalable business idea. So,  your core business structure should be able to accommodate growth at any stage. That’s why you need to check how scalable a dropshipping software is before choosing it for your business.

The solutions we have recommended in this article are scalable and work for small to medium-sized businesses.

5. Usability

Lastly, you need to assess if the solution is a good fit for your business or not. For example, if you have a Shopify website, a SaleHoo subscription plan has many benefits to offer because you can stock products directly in your store. But that’s not the case with all dropshipping software.

So usability and utility are two key factors that you must consider before signing up for any new software. If it’s not an ideal match, you will not gain anything even by investing lots of money in it.

Simplify dropshipping with SaleHoo

Planning on starting your dropshipping business? Check out the SaleHoo Directory and Dropship to get started on the right note. Follow our blog to stay updated on what’s happening in the industry, business tips, recommendations, and more.


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