Find high-profit products and low-cost suppliers so you can make big money selling online!

Selling things online is the easiest way for
ANYBODY to build a real work-at-home business

You can make great money by buying things for a low price,
and then re-selling them on websites like eBay or Amazon.

Imagine if you could sell just TEN products like this per week.
That would be $780 in profit, or just over $40,000 per year.

The secret to making great money is
getting the goods at a LOW price

Successful eBay and Amazon sellers make money by buying from wholesale suppliers at wholesale prices, and then selling online at retail prices.

Look at the difference between wholesale supplier prices and retail prices.
(This is how much profit you could make!)


But where do you find these cheap products
that you can sell for high prices?

You need to find a wholesale vendor to sell you the goods at wholesale prices.
But it isn't as easy as you might think...

You could try searching on Google
But most of the best suppliers don't even show up in Google. They're too busy being suppliers, rather than marketers.

But you WILL find lots of scammers
Unfortunately it's very easy and lucrative to be a fake wholesaler, so there are a LOT of them. These guys work hard to LOOK legitimate, so you often can't tell the difference until they run away with your money.

And the prices you find... aren't actually cheaper
When you just search in Google you'll find suppliers with so-called "wholesale prices" that are actually higher than the prices you find on eBay. So how are these eBay sellers making a profit? They must have an even BETTER supplier.... but who?

It can take you weeks to find an acceptable supplier
Think about how much time you've spent looking for suppliers already. The fact is that finding a good supplier can take weeks, with lots of dead ends and frustration. Think about how much money you're NOT making while you're doing this. Depressing, isn't it?

And how do you know that people will
buy what you're selling?

Finding wholesale goods is only half of the equation. It's no good buying low-cost
items if nobody wants to buy them off you. Here's what you SHOULDN'T sell...

  • DON'T SELL what you just THINK will work.
    Often the things we think will do well actually aren't that great. Especially if everyone else has the same idea. You need to make your business decisions based on FACTS, not hunches.
  • DON'T SELL what everyone else is selling.
    When you have to compete with other sellers, it really eats into your profits. There's much better (and easier!) profits to be made by finding low-competition products instead.
  • But DON'T SELL stuff that nobody wants.
    You need a good supply of hungry buyers if you want to make regular sales. If nobody wants what you're selling, at the price you're selling it... well, that's when you get stuck with a garage full of stuff you can't sell.
  • The BEST THINGS to sell are things that lots of people WANT, but not many other people are selling.
    ... And this is where it gets tricky. How do you find products like this? (HINT: Keep reading and we'll show you!)

What if you had the tool that big sellers use to find
HOT products and REAL wholesale suppliers?

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could just give you a list of all the best suppliers, so you could save time and avoid all that risk?

And wouldn't it be nice if there was a special tool that would tell you ahead of time whether a product would be a hot seller, so you never end up losing money on a "dud"?


That's where we come in!

SaleHoo: The easiest and safest way to find
products and suppliers for maximum profits

A membership with SaleHoo makes it MUCH easier to make money selling online. Uncover profitable products to sell in our Market Research Labs, and connect with over 8000 verified legitimate suppliers in our Wholesale Directory. Easy!

Here's what you get when you join SaleHoo...

Success tool #1

Find legitimate, low-cost wholesale suppliers
in the SaleHoo Supplier Directory

1.6 million wholesale products from 8000+ genuine wholesale suppliers,
all with genuine wholesale prices.

We originally created the SaleHoo Directory because people kept asking us to share our favorite suppliers. Ten years later, we now have over 8000 verified legitimate wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers and liquidators, with more being added every day.

Find exactly what you're looking for

Our easy-to-search directory makes it super-simple to find the type of
product and supplier you need.

  • Search for products and brands...
    With over 8000 suppliers in our directory, selling over 1.6 million products, we probably have a supplier for what you're looking for. Just do a quick search.
  • ...Or just browse.
    Not sure what you want to sell yet? Browse through our categories for inspiration. We have suppliers of everything from baby gear to samurai swords.
  • Advanced filters to find your perfect supplier match
    Need international shipping? Low minimum orders? Want a supplier who will dropship for you? Just tick a few boxes and SaleHoo will zero in on vendors who meet your exact requirements.

Find suppliers you'd normally miss

Because we know exactly where to find the best suppliers, you get the inside scoop on
thousands of top-quality suppliers you probably wouldn't find on your own.

Find the "too busy for marketing" hidden gems
A lot of the best suppliers can be hard to find because they're too busy to put effort into promoting themselves. Luckily we know where to look, so you get great deals that most other sellers will miss out on.

Get exclusive deals for SaleHoo members
Many of our suppliers actually create special offers for SaleHoo members, so you can get prices and quantities that aren't available to most other sellers.

Don't have money up front? Try dropshipping

If you don't have any start-up money to purchase products in bulk, dropshipping is perfect for you. We have over 1000 suppliers who will dropship for you. It's the ultimate no-risk
way to get started.

  • No need to purchase stock up front
    With dropshipping you only buy the product once you've actually secured the sale. There's no risk of being stuck with goods you can't sell.
  • No need to pack or ship the product
    A dropshipper will just send it directly to your customer. Easy peasy.
  • You can get started today
    All you need is to choose a product and find a dropshipper. You don't need to wait to actually get your hands on the goods. You could start listing products and making sales today.

Want smaller quantities? Have specific needs?

Want to find a local supplier? Want to find one who will ship internationally to you? We've got suppliers all around the world to suit your exact needs.

  • Want low or no minimum orders?
    We have suppliers who are happy to give you wholesale prices on small quantities... even as low as one item!
  • Are you outside the U.S?
    No problem. We have thousands of suppliers happy to ship internationally. We also have suppliers located in Europe, Asia, Australasia... pretty much everywhere.
  • Looking for specific brands?
    We only list suppliers who sell legitimate brand name products, so there's no danger of purchasing counterfeit goods. (Which can get you in trouble with the law!)

Success tool #2

Find the most profitable products in the
SaleHoo Market Research Labs

Stuck on what to sell? Let us crunch the numbers for you in our Market Research Lab. We'll find products with high sales and low competition, so you can earn maximum profits! 

  • Find products with low competition
    Easily filter out the super-competitive products where sales could be slow and profits could be slim.
  • Find products with great sell rates
    Use the slider control to find products that sell more often than not. When you combine low competition with good sales rate, you have a recipe for success!
  • Get accurate selling prices
    We'll find the average selling price for this exact product, so you can easily work out what your profit will be.
  • Spot trends
    We'll show you how sales for this product are trending, so you can see if it's on the way up... or on the way out. This also helps you plan for seasonal products.

PLUS Get all the support you need to get
it right, first time


With your SaleHoo membership you get the Directory to help you find the perfect supplier, and the Labs to help you find the perfect product.

With their powers combined, you'll find it's suddenly a LOT easier to make good money selling on eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

But we want to make SURE you get the most out of your membership, so we give you THREE extra levels of support...

Support #1: Get off to the right start with our
Smart Seller Training

Selling online isn't rocket science. BUT there are a few tricks you can use to avoid common traps and maximize your earnings. Our popular guides are here to help.


How to kick-start your home business

This guide teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about getting started using hot SaleHoo methods, as used by top sellers all over the web running profitable businesses.

Make drop shipping work for you

Dropshipping is hugely popular because it allows you to get started with very little money, but without this guide, you could make the same costly mistakes that 95% of all drop-ship sellers make.

How to find profitable products to sell

This guide is a must-read for any new seller who isn't sure how to get started and is seeking great products to turbo-boost their business with. Learn 10 hot markets for 2018!

Easy shipping and importing

Often you'll find that the best prices for the items you want to sell are from suppliers in a different country. This guide reveals how to get international suppliers to ship items to your door with minimum cost!

Finding fantastic suppliers

This guide teaches you about which type of supplier you should use. Each type is different and understanding the difference can save you a lot of time, money and hassles!

Electronics, fashion and DVDs

Learn what's hot in these popular markets. These three markets are HUGE among shoppers. Our guides teach you how to sell products in hot categories, even with competing sellers!

Support #2: Get your questions answered in
our friendly members' forum

Word of mouth is the best resource in this industry, and SaleHoo is one of the leading online communities for buyers and sellers on the internet.

When I was first getting started, I felt alone in the battle. SaleHoo's forums took care of that! The forum has taught me a lot. It's a tight knit group that always has room for more. We share experiences, warn of scams, listen when someone needs to vent frustrations, help each other out, and want everyone to succeed. Its like having your own personal cheering section.

"The biggest impact from joining SaleHoo has been through networking on the SaleHoo forum."

— Marc Ransom, Community Manager

I personally consider the SaleHoo forum to be the jewel in the crown. No matter what the query, you'll get the answer you need. SaleHoo has the most active trading forum around, and I don't say that lightly.

I've been on many different forums and quite frankly, nothing stacks up to what is available to SaleHoo members. I have now discovered product avenues and suppliers I hadn't even considered before joining SaleHoo, and the networking with other members that has proven invaluable in developing my current business ventures.

Today I have a business partnership that came about from the networking on SaleHoo and our business is continuing to boom!"


Support #3: Get one-on-one support
from our team of experts

Need some one-on-one advice? Got a particularly curly question? Our
friendly support team are happy to help you out.

Free email support
Just shoot us an email with your question. We won't waste your time with lame "canned" responses that don't even answer your question. You'll get a real person, every time.

Free phone support
Or you can give us a call and chat in person. Phone support is available 40 hours per week. Our team are friendly, knowledgable, and good looking. (Although you can't tell over the phone.)

Here are some things our team can help you with...

Don't know what to sell?
We can help you research products and find hot new niches.

Need help finding a particular kind of supplier?
We will search our directory and make a personalized list of suppliers for your needs.

Want to know even more about a supplier?
One of our team can personally investigate a supplier in more depth for you.

Any question, big or small.
We'll most likely have an answer, or be able to point you in the right direction. It's always better to ask us than to just guess!


Here's everything you get when you join SaleHoo

You get all the tools and the support you need to start making great money
selling things online, all in one tidy membership.

The Tools

The SaleHoo Safe Supplier Directory
A powerful, easy-to-search directory of low-cost suppliers. Over 8000 suppliers and 1.6 million products. Dropshippers, wholesalers, manufacturers and liquidators... all certified scam free!

The SaleHoo Market Research Labs
Super powerful tool for finding out whether a product is going to be HOT or NOT.

The Support

Smart Seller guides
The biggest problems and most common questions answered by experienced sellers, marketers and product sourcing experts.

Members' forum
Ask questions, get support, and receive exclusive offers from SaleHoo suppliers in one of the most active online selling communities on the internet.

Personal help and support
Contact our support team directly for unlimited, free, one-on-one support.

Want to see how people like you are
already using SaleHoo?


So do you want to make money,
or lose money?

You've got two choices: You could get a helping hand from people who have
been doing this a long time (us!), or you could try going it alone...

Going it alone means...

You could get scammed by fake suppliers and lose your money

You could receive broken or poor quality goods from a bad supplier, and lose money.

Your dropshipper might not deliver the goods and causes irreparable damage your reputation (and you lose the sale)

You could buy stock that doesn't sell well, so you lose money.

You could spend too long finding a supplier and a product, and you miss out on weeks or months of potential income.

If you'd rather skip all these "life lessons" and get straight to the good stuff, grab
your SaleHoo membership and let the experts help you out. It just makes sense.


Join today to get the tools you need
to make great money selling online

1 year membership just $67
60-day money-back guarantee

billed annually
  • Access to SaleHoo Supplier Directory
  • Access to Market Research Labs
  • Access to members forum
  • Personal email support
  • 60-day money back guarantee
60-day money back guarantee
No questions asked
Our job here at SaleHoo is to make growing your online business less risky for you. So we'll let you try SaleHoo risk-free for 60 days. If you're unhappy with your membership for any reason, we'll refund your membership fee in full. (Just email us your receipt.)
Simon Slade
SaleHoo founder and CEO



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