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Buying PS3, 360, Motorola, Nokia etc...
Private message me. I have a supplier for xbox 360 premium and PS3 60gb. Both are refurbised products with 30 day DOA warranty. Minumum order of 50 units. Price- $245 for xbox 360 and $410 for ps3.
Fees for importing from Canada?
I may be purchasing some merchandise valued at around 2000.00usd from Canada. Do I have to pay a Duty tax if I am in the USA? Also if items are listed as gifts, does this stop me from having to pay...
Need 20gb Hard drives for xbox 360
I am looking for 20gb refurbished or tested customer returns. I cant seem to find a supplier anywhere. I know they exist and there are thousands of these units available but I dont know where and it...
Xbox 360 Hard drives
anyone know of a good supplier for the 20gb hard drives for xbox 360? Either refurbished or new?
Reliable dropshipper needed for iPods and digital cameras
If you plan on competing with ebay prices, your in the wrong market for dropshipping. Unless you have the cash to buy in big lots, then stay away from ipods especially. I made the same mistake as you...
So Should I dropship or keep doing what Im doing?
Alright so I have been selling xbox 360s for a while now, handeling, packaging, testing, shipping...blah...blah. I get these things real cheap and make almost 24 bucks per unit after everything is...
Do weekends suck for sales for everyone?
I might be crazy but whenever i seem to list during the week, I almost always sell items and never have to relist. On the weekends it seems that prices drop and not so many sales. Is this common?



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