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Forum Did anyone purchase item from them? THe pricing they are offering are quite good, are the quality good? and why is it based in China yet the pricing are in Euros???
i can just do that...and megagood dont' say anything? b/c i did sign a authorization form before and that i allow to charged my card...but i can jsut let me cc compnay know..
well so i decided to cancel membership b/c i don't use it and it a monthly fee of 14.99 i emailed tem and said i wanted to cancel my acct and my card was still consecutively bill for two months since i...
What items sell best?
thansk jimmy!
ShopTronics & Megagoods
Oh the shoptronics i find the source from salehoo under teh wholesales sources
ShopTronics & Megagoods
anyone bought from there? can you give me a review on them?? i might wnat to purchase but i need to knwo if it's good or not b/c i onlyhave a small budget in buying products, quality and authencity of...
DH gate shipping
i bought from them before and yes the shipping is alot but they offer discounts and the more same product you buy from the buyer you save shipping significantly



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