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Suppliers of Gemstones, Jewelry and Gem Jars?
Hey there! By gem jars, you mean the specimen jars with lids to keep them in safely? xoxo, Amber aka Blue Scarab
manic panic
Hi! SOrry, can't be of any help on this, but I do know what Manic Panic is...........something I couldn't live without as a teenager/early adult! My hair was always some shade of 'wrong' color-fuschia,...
Wholesale Gemstone Beads
This is a hard one, because it's something you really 'should' see and touch in person, but that isn't always realistic. We are always looking for new suppliers for Gemstone beads(high quality...
eBay Alternatives
Another one I've found, but haven't done so great as a seller is Although beware; if you are looking for designer merchandise, I don't recommend buying it there! But as for anything else,...



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