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Best international eBay site to sell through
Global shipping program great for sellers, but hated by buyers, very expensive, slow shipping, hard to track, buyers prefer sellers e,g, from the US that use UPS instead, so many buyers try to avoid...
An open letter to eBay
Hi Marc, yep totally agree with that, and the crazy part is a buyer can send a message with a email address contained in the message, but not a seller, so find myself doing this to say for example, to...
eBay rules.
Yep i agree more BS than ever, so i do not even try to be a top rated seller anymore, what with one day shipping, defect rate, 12 month rating, free shipping which is a load of crap, we all know...
Why people buy at a premium price on eBay?
Hi shrey208, i noticed in your original question, was why do some sellers selling the same product as other sellers with a similar feedback score, but at a higher price than others sell more than...
Get commercial grade misting fans direct from manufacturer!
Hi, very interested in your products, would like some details as to pricing and shipping costs to Australia. Cheers
The True Cost of Drop Shipping: 24 Top Questions Answered!
Yes agree with all above points the other danger with buying wholesale is even though it saves you money, but if that product suddenly stops selling you are stuck with the stock, where as with drop...
Your eCommerce business will never succeed if you don’t do these 3 things
Great post Alice, I fully agree with all that, since losing my day job, had time to clean up my Ebay business and get it back on track, had let it slip in the ratings department due to lack of time...
Help! How to release PayPal holds?
Hi Mark, tried contacting by phone but after 2.5 Hrs on hold gave up. So sent another email again
Help! How to release PayPal holds?
Hi everybody, I have an eBay store from which i have been doing quite well from for some years and up till recently also a SaleHoo store as well. All the boxes are ticked (almost) good feedback...
How Mobile Commerce is Taking Our Industry by Storm
Great Post Alice, have only used my phones browser to check my Ebay account, but after reading this i thought why not give it a go, after all it is free, so uploaded it to my Android phone, and yes...
Quick Guide to eBay Listing Upgrades: Are they worth paying for?
Yes i agree with Jodi, it seems Ebay lets certain items from sellers show up at different times, one week sales up , next week barely anything, it is like Ebay juggles seller sites around, yes i find...
The Annual eBay Selling Event That’s More Profitable than Cyber Monday
Great Post Alice, never would have thought of that.
Supplier Showdown: Drop Shippers vs. Wholesalers
Hi, Have been using a mix of both methods for years now, ie best sellers buy in stock, slower selling items drop ship. Though the trap with drop shipping can be as mentioned a buyer makes a...
eBay Apps That Make you a More Productive Seller
Hi Alice, Would like to get that app Froo! Cross Sell but when i click on 'Get it for free' after my Ebay login it comes up in red and states You cannot subscribe to this application because you...



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