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Should I buy products myself or wholesale it?
what I'm talking about is buy the stuff yourself or wholesale it Pro: you know what the merch does Pro: you can take pictures of it Con: in order to get to where you pay the bills you have to have...
Buying in bulk
as of now no where but what cought me last night i was watching shop at home channel and it was about them selling a computer well the computer. Had software that was as much as the...
Buying in bulk
if i buy 1000 of a item then the price drops away to almost free? is it your exp that psp,xbox,ps2 and such are in the same boat?
Dropshipping - how do I make sure I get paid first?
i had problems last time trying to dropship stuff on ebay but the customers did not understand that they had to pay first before i send item out. how can i put that in my listing with out giving away...
Forum - warning on shipping costs
well im in with it with them over paying them money do to a bad exchange well after i sent the money i could not contact them at all after about 6 months i finnly get in contact with them and they...
Forum Good/Bad
WII Nintendo Wii Console + The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Bundle Model: wiizeldabundle Condition: New MSRP: $999.99 Retails Online: $799.99 Member's Price: $479.99 k now how...



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