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Good mobile phone suppliers/wholesalers/dropshippers?
has anyone thought about buying from ebay uk?? lg prada can be had for around $470 ....with shipping around $80,but not sure on taxes ??
Sending phones from UK to US?
hi....i was wondering how much if any fees a USA customer would be charged on a mobile phone shipped from UK....for instance say the phone cost my customer $500 including 3 day shipping,what would they...
Access USA - mail forwarding comapny to uk - Used them?
hi,not sure if this in right place but im looking at the possability of using a mail forwarding company so i can get some items in the us from wholesalers and most likely ebay...found ACCESS USA which...
UK Dropship info required
im in the same boat voddie,if anyone can help or give advise id be interested to hear to... steve
LCD Plasma TVs in UK?
anyone know of good lcd plasma wholesaler or dropshipper in europe or uk?...would concider worldwide if price right.
iPhones - pre-order them!
have these phones dropped any in price yet? we dont get a releas over here in uk until xmas so just checking on prices to see if worth shipping over??? steve



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