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Effects to importing fr China due to lead issues in the news
I'm sure we all heard about lead products in the news especially 'toy'. How can we protect ourself especially if we import from the wholesaler in China or any countries. Right now everything is about...
Getting my ecommerce business going
Hi All Members, Well I started my e-commerce business and have a website up and running for a two months now. I also have tracking on it and so far it shows about 14700 visitors. I...
Forum - good or bad?
I've dealt with Chinavasion and have had could experience with them; they even wrap and pack the stuff I order so tight; I have a hard time opening it :D Anyway I was wondering if anyone can tell me...
Looking for cell phones - Nokia 9300i, Samsung Ultraslim700
Anyone knows of any wholesaler that has either the NOKIA9300i or SAMSUNG Ultraslim700? thanks
Question on getting a business license
Thanks!! Once I make my first $$$$$$$ I'll be the first to thank you all for helping a dumping like me get started :D
Question on getting a business license
Maybe someone already ask this;but I can't find it,lol. If I start out part time instead of FT do I still need to apply for a business license and/or EIN number? For example buy one or two items a...



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