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Forum - my positive feedback
I've had great merchandise in the two loads I purchased from The quality was outstanding and I was able to turn a significant profit. The loads were diverse and everything was...
Offer from ebay powerseller John Thornhill
Hi, Like many of you, today I received an email from salehoo regarding the offer from ebay powerseller, John Thornhill and was wondering if anyone has had any experience in selling e-books. The offer...
Forum - feedback on iPods wholesale prices
Take a look at the prices they offer for apple ipods and then go to apple's official website. I think you will see that the prices they list as retail are WAY over what even apple would charge for an...
Hi Joe, I recently (two days ago) paid $69.95 to join your 'exclusive' dealer area. I should have waited and read one of the other 5 emails I received from you that gave free access with a small...
Forum - feedback on iPods wholesale prices
I hope you don't plan to order from them again soon. Their prices are higher than retail. The list prices in their listings are well above what any store would charge. It seems as if they have done...
Shipping using USPS
USPS is a very safe method of shipping. The express shipping costs more, but allows you to track your shipment online every step of the way. It's alot like fedex or UPS. Priority mail is a bit...



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