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truckload, closeout, etc... located in Canada ?
here is a supplier that i use vdc they buy from the us and canada sears target big lots etc they are located in niagara falls canada
Aquarium supplies and electronics wanted to Australia
because yu own a small business you can try rolf c haggen i thaik or search haggen they are one of the largest aquarium suppliers in usa and canada they sell everything that a pet store needs aquariums...
Online sales
Dear Rob if you have a pay pal acc. check with them they will guide you threw on how to put them on your site
Getting traffic to your website
yes please dont waist your money you would be better off using that money on pay per click
eBook Dropshipper needed globally
yes sell them your self there are 2 programs out there myddy is one that you pay for and if you not shure about spending the money you can use paylodz they alow you to deliver up to so much for free...
Getting started on Ebay...
dear sumplesnoob why dont you look for liquidaters in your area to get started my self i purchase a palate for 250.00 and there is about a 10% loss (damaged goods beyond repair)now you are left with...
small appliances: coffee makers, coffee grinders..... etc.
you can do what i did i went to the manf. of what it is you want to sell and then ask them for a good wholesaler of their product



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