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Paypal Policy Regarding Local Pickups
I just contacted Paypal today via phone. I found this to be surprising that Paypal offers absolutly no seller protection for when a buyer pays by Paypal then picks the order up locally. Even if they...
Outrageous shipping charges - need your advice please
We have made several shipments to Australia for less than $20.00 through USPS. $90.00 is very over priced.
iPod look-a-like wanted
Is there any profit to be made on the fake iPods? I tried selling them a while ago and made a little profit but now it seems like everyone's selling these.
Has anyone dealt with MegaGoods?
I agree. They're far from wholesale. I've tried them before and had a hard time generating profit at their prices.
What's Your Markup On Sales?
I am curious what markup people are posting on their products, specifically on websites. We are selling most of our products at a 200% markup. Most of our products are low in cost ranging from $5.00 to...
Help needed with ebay account - suspension!
This may be a silly question but are you sure your accounts are suspended? We get emails every day saying our ebay/paypal account has been suspended and they need information. They are always scammers...
Different shipping labels on one website, anyone knows?
Does a website like this exist??? I think I might start one! Might be a chance to make some money. It sure would be convient if you could purchase different shipping labels all from one website. No...



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