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eBay fee hikes - are there any alternate auction sites?
There are lots of auction sites out there. BUt how bout this..... Put a little more work into your e-bay listings, make them stand out, work for the sale. Add video to your listings.... people feel...
Forum - are they legit?
I am looking for Ipods--not sure if you are legit or not. I have family that lives in New York--can they come and pick up an order?
Tiffany & Co Authentic wholesaler wanted
There is none-Tiffany&Co do not sell wholesale. I have contacted their company a few times. and if there was..nobody in their right frame of mind would give up that information in a forum--- :)
Has anyone had success with dhgate---I have been reading lots of posts the last few days and sounds like most people have had nothing but neg. things to say...not that you need to reveal your suppliers...
Check out this new auction site -
i just registered---we get enough people there we may be able to create some momentum--and make a little cash :lol:



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