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Lacoste Polos
The above post...your lacoste polos are fake...the lacoste polo doesn't look anything like the real ones and your price tag is way off. Just the heads up.
Supplier Wanted • September 20, 2006
Lacoste Polos
Do real lacoste polos say the color on the tag?
Supplier Wanted • September 13, 2006
Selling on eBay- Rules
Yahoo is decent, but you need to have an amazing product that ppl rlly want to sell, cuz ur not gettin that much traffic...so when ppl see ur auction they needa actually want it. ioffer...
PC software
Viosoftware? Thats so expensive...40$ for mcafee virusscan? you can get it on ebay for less than 10.
Supplier Wanted • September 05, 2006
Lacoste Polos
Yes, i agree with you thomas the difference between the reals and the ones bought not from retailers aren't evident. I read one thing stating real ones have devanlay written on the back...
Supplier Wanted • September 01, 2006