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Freight forwarder from USA to AU
Hi there, I use mbex. You can look at either of their two sites: OR They are very good and use either DHL or FedEx. Both these give a discount of...
Calling Brisbane members for import proposal
Hi there, sounds good to me. Almost as if we need to set-up a little sub-group down here. I have Skype (voip) - user name is 'bigtwains'. With Skype you can have conference type calls. Sometimes Skype...
Freight forwarding? Shipping brokers? Customs brokers?
Hi there, Like you I have to look at freight costs. :cry: I live just across the Tasman in the West Wimmera part of Victoria. :wink: Might I suggest you look at :D :D...
Best Auction Sniper
Hi there, the only one I have used is 'Auction Stealer'. It is a 'freebee' site, but with limitations. To get the best it will cost a few $$$$. I have used it for ebay...
Sample order via bank transfer
:( I too have a problem with this. Have purchased a qty of through They won't accept PayPal or credit cards from international buyers. The items were purchased late Saturday...
Craigslist IS overtaking eBay in sales
As a 'new boy/nipper/puppy' to Salehoo I find the info on Craiglist interesting. Although I am an Ebayer buyer/seller, it is good to know of other auction type sites. Another one Salehoo members may...



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